The idea for Networkingathome Ltd was born from our requirement to connect devices to the internet within our own homes during the late nineties, when computers seemed to be a great idea and home wifi was just a dream. There was a need to connect multiple computers and printers for those lucky few that could afford the equipment but not the time to make it all work……

.. say hello to Networkingathome. With hindsight we would have chosen a shorter name,,, you should see the length of our email address.

Networkingathome evolved from plugging in USB leads, building Ethernet Networks, installing home Wifi for connecting computers, printers and now things.

In recent years, we have focused on the desire for homes to be constantly connected to the Internet and our customer’s things to be able to always connect to the world.

The team at Networkingathome are here to help you in the connected world. If there is the need for the fridge to order your next meal or your door bell calling you on holiday, we are happy to help.

We even connect people together with our consultancy services, which provide technology sales support and assist to companies wishing to introduce new technology products and services into the European market place. We call this Networking (people) from our home …………….


Like to know more or wish to discuss requirements, don’t be shy reach out.

Ways to contact us:



+44 203 289 1084 – UK Office

+1 408 520 9324 – USA Office