Aging gracefully within your own home

The health and safety of older relatives is always a concern and can have an impact upon the relationship between family members. We have recognised that everyone involved in caring and being cared for wants to maintain their independence.

Non Intrusive Technologies

Networkingathome work to provide non intrusive technologies which understand the behaviour and routine of those people that you care most about and can alert you and remind them if situations change from what is expected.

Rather than big brother, we like to think of this capability as being bothered and caring.

Improving Awareness And Security

Networkingathome use the latest security systems, gadgets, gizmos and advance technologies to provide security when you are home and away.

Using a combination of different security and automation systems, we help you to overcome concerns for your property and well being.

Smart Living And Convenience

We have a number of clients who after the initial enthusiasm of using Amazon echo, Google Home or other intelligence AI’s wish to move beyond basic commands and fully understand the benefits that voice control can bring to the home.

Contact us to understand how to maximise the investment in these platforms and start to harness the real capabilities.


Like to know more or wish to discuss requirements, don’t be shy reach out.

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